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Snow White Father - ((White Widow x Pure Las Vegas Indica) x The White) Best Male out of 50. 80% Indica, Huge yielder with growth like a sativa. Very good for indoor and Hydro. Also good outdoors. Easy to trim and sticky with glistening crystals. Pure Indica Father with a White Widow Mother. Has a nice Kush Flavor when Smoked or Vaporized

White Chocolate (Chocolope Cheese (Sativa Phenotype) x Snow White)

Drew (Chocolate Kush x Snow White)

Snow Dream (Blue Dream x Snow White)

White Grapes (Purple Punch x Snow White)

Humbolt Snow (Humbolt x Snow White)

Chocolate Kush Father - Best male out of 50 This father was bred for the Kush lover and enthusiast! This is a True Kush, Indica Dominant. His Mother is a pure Landrace Moroccan Hash Plant, and crossed with the famous Chocolpoe Cheese father. This is a huge yielder of Top Shelf Fire with all the qualities you look for in a Kush with a Chocolaty Twist. These are great in hydro and soil. If you like Kush, try one of these hybrids. All crosses are amazing!

Chocolate Fire (Fire Lady x Chocolate Kush)

 Truffle Butter (Gelato#45 x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Zkittlez (Zkittlez x Chocolate Kush)

Purple Chocolate Kush (Cali Purple x Chocolate Kush)

Blue Chocolate (Blue Dream x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Hash *Back Cross* (Moroccan Hash Plant x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie F2 x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Dawg (Chem Dawg D x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Hashberry (Blackberry Kush x Chocolate Kush)

Alien Chocolate (Alien Technology x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Science (Rocket Science x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Candy (Candy Land x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Grapes (Cali Grapes x Chocolate Kush)

Purple Caper Father - Best male of 50 this is the future of Medical Cannabis! This is as good as it gets! 60% Indica and 40% Sativa These flowers are mostly green with splashes of purple. The smell is very sweet, unique, and distinct. Once you smell the one of a kind fragrance you will never forget the smell. Amazing yielder and easy to grow indoor or outdoor even for beginners! You will get phenotypes that help alleviate Pain and Depression. Overall an amazing Plant, and the Medicinal effect is legendary! This father is anF2 and the offspring are working well outdoor. Indoor is hit and miss at this time. We are working on an F4 male who will throw indoor offspring reliably for 2014.

#1K PC (#1K x Purple Caper)

Hog PC (Virginia HOG x Purple Caper)

Blue Bubble Gum Caper (Blue Cheese Cotton Candy Bubblegum x Purple Caper) These work indoors and outdoors

Caper Dawg (Chem Dog D x Purple Caper) These work indoors and outdoors

Grand Caper (Grandaddy (BX) x Purple Caper)

Purple Zkittles (Zkittles x Purple Caper)

Fire Lady Father - (Fire Lady F1 x Purple Caper F2) Best male of 50. This is a F3 cut of the Purple Caper. Dark Purple with an amazing waxy smell. This is Fire. Both the Female and Male are excellent breeders and throw reliable offspring for Indoor Cultivation. Hardy, great for indoor beginners, Can take lots of abuse .

Purple Fire (Cali purple x Fire Lady)

Daddy Fire (Grandaddy x Fire Lady)

Cookie Lady (Cookie F2 x Fire Lady)

Grape Fire (Cali Grapes x Fire Lady)

Cherry Fire (Cherry Pie x Fire Lady)

Black Berry Fire (Black Berry Kush x Fire Lady)

Alien Fire (Alien Technology x Fire Lady)

Fire OG (OG Kush (BX) x Fire Lady)

Blue Fire (Blue Dream x Fire Lady)

Alien Technology Father - (Pure Indica Landrace) Best of 50. This is an amazing find!! We Procured 50 Pure Afghani seeds from the Biggest 5 Dutch Breeders! We grew them indoors and selected the best Male and Female. The Female finishes with Rare Pink Hairs, The Male is the Strongest most similar Brother Pheno. Both smell amazing and are very vigorous 8 weeks

Alien Technology (Alien Technology x Alien Technology)

Purple Alien (Cali Purple x Alien Technology)

Alien Grapes (Cali Grapes x Alien Technology)

Alien Cookies (Cookie F2 x Alien Technology)

Alien Caper (Purple Caper x Alien Technology)

Alien Science (Rocket Science x Alien Technology)

Blue Alien (Blue Dream x Alien Technology)

Alien Kind (#1K x Alien Technology)

Cookie F2 Father - (Grandaddy x Durban x OG Kush) This is a local Bay Area Strain. There is several different cuts available here in California. We grew out 6 different cuts and forced the best to self-pollinate. From these seeds we selected our male. We used this male to cross back the stable clone mother. This removed the herm trait. We then grew out 50 more and selected the best male for our breedingThis Strain Smells and tastes Amazing. This is the newest hottest thing in Cali going. These have the highest quality finished flowers. Extreme Flavor!

Cookie F2 (Cookie x Cookie)

Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie x Cookie F2)

Grape Cookies (Purple Punch x Cookie F2)

4G (GG4 x Gelato #45 x Cookie F2)

Cookie Caper (Purple Caper x Cookie F2)

Blue Cookies (GSC “Blue Pheno” x Cookie F2)

Dream Cookies (Blue Dream x Cookie F2)

Cookie Dawg (Chem Dawg D x Cookie F2)

Cookie OG (OG Kush (BX) x Cookie F2)

Optimus Prima (3 Times Crazy x Cookie F2)

Grandma’s Batch (Candyland x Cookie F2)

Gelato BX (Gelato #45 x Cookie F2)

Cherry Cake (Cherry AK x Cookie F2)

Forbidden Cookies (Forbidden Fruit x Cookie F2)

Banana Cheesecake (Electric Banana x Cookie F2)

Sherbert BX (Sherbert x Cookie F2)

Lemon Poundcake (Lemon Tree x Cookie F2)

Blackberry Cookies (Blackberry Kush x Cookie F2)

Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry Kush x Cookie F2)

Key Lime Pie (Key Lime Pie x Cookie F2)

River Father – (Blue Cheese Cotton Candy Bubblegum) Indica Dominant. This is an amazing plant. Bred for outdoor in harsh mountain climates, hot days and cold nights. Easy to grow and offspring are very consistent. Almost every plant gets a pound minimum outdoors. These are very solid plants. Great for beginners, mold resistant, robust plants, with great quality and smooth smoke. Frosty. This is a Legendary outdoor strain here in Cali. This father was selected outdoor on a river in Calaveras County. Best of 50, This pheno was selected for vigorous outdoor growth and great health. These seeds are very successful outdoors with an above average yield of supreme quality flowers.

Blue Cheese Cotton Candy Bubble Gum F2 (BCCCBG x River)

Blue River (Blue Dream x River)

Durban River (Durban Poision x River)

Daddy River (Grandaddy x River)

Chocolate Tonic Father – (Cannatonic x Chocolate Kush) High CBD up to 17% This is a high CBD Father with low THC. This was created to help with Chronic Pain, Seizures or Cancer. This plant is a legend in the bay area and has already helped many

Tonic’s Web (Charolett’s Web x Chocolate Tonic)

Chocolate Harley (Harlequin x Chocolate Tonic)

Chocolate Remedy (Remedy x Chocolate Tonic)

Chocolate AC/DC (AC/DC x Chocolate Tonic)

Omirita Tonic (Omirita RX x Chocolate Tonic)

Canna Chocolate RX (Canna Tsu x Chocolate Tonic)

Purple Tonic (Purple Pineapple x Chocolate Tonic)

OG Kush (BX) Father – (Fire OG x True OG) We took the best local Pure OG Kush phenotypes in the Bay Area and crossed them to create a supreme breeding father! Best of 50 back-crossed to the best female, then took the best males from that for our breeding father! Those have all of the best characteristics of OG amplified! This has amazing Gas and Flavor. Extremely potent regularly testing between 27%-32%. The offspring have amazing vigor and grow best indoors or in the greenhouse. This is a connoisseur flower and an amazing achievement.

Cookie OG (Cookie F2 x OG Kush BX)

Alien OG (Alien Technology x OG Kush BX)

Fire OG (Fire OG x OG Kush BX)

Blue OG (Blue Dream x OG Kush BX)

Pink Panty F1 (Blackberry Kush x OG Kush BX)

Grape OG (Cali Grape x OG Kush BX)

Lemon Tree BX (Lemon Tree x OG Kush BX)

Grandaddy OG (Grandaddy x OG Kush BX)

Purple Caper OG (Purple Caper x OG Kush BX)

GG4 BX (GG4 x OG Kush BX)

River OG (River x OG Kush BX)

Chocolate OG (Chocolate Kush x OG Kush BX)

Zkittlez BX (Zkittlez x OG Kush BX)

Gelato OG (Gelato #45 x OG Kush BX)

Flo OG (Flo x OG Kush BX)

Krippy Kush (Florida OG x OG Kush BX)

Granddaddy Purple BX Father – (Grandaddy x Grand Caper) This is as good as Granddaddy gets. This is a huge producer of sweet purple grape flowers! This is stronger and bigger yielding than the original. We took an amazing Grand Caper (Granddaddy x Purple Caper) male and crossed it with the best local Bay Area Granddaddy clone! These grow fast and yield big! Great commercial producer indoors or out. This is a perfect beginner plant, and a great performer in the garden. These finish in 8 weeks, and are half purple and green. If you let her go 9 weeks the flowers will become completely purple! 1.75 lbs. per 1000w indoors. Best of 50 back-crossed to the best 50 as usual!

Granddaddy Purple BX

Grand Dream (Blue Dream x GDPBX)

Grand Chocolate (Chocolate Kush x GDPBX)

Zkittlez BX (Zkittlez x GDPBX)

Granddaddy Cookies (GSC(F2) x GDPBX)

Granddaddy Blackberry (Blackberry Kush x GDPBX)

Purple Punch BX (Purple Punch x GDPBX)

There are several Strains not on this list, We do many Small Batches of rare and local strains, for customer appreciation. Only the most popular make this list.

Purple Caper Mixed Packs - These are made for patient appreciation, with the Budget motivated Connoisseur in mind. This is the best way to try multiple genetics and find a great mother! You may get anything on the list as all strains are put into one bag and divided into individual packs, like the lottery! Please name these yourself and let people know that it came from a Purple Caper Seed!

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